Hydrogen Peroxid & Silver Nitrate used

Human health and well being is the most quintessential aspect in the end. And hospitals cater to our needs when in times of distress. Why not then take adequate measures to keep those premises clean and sanitized reducing the chances of nosocomial infections.

Excess patient overload in emergency service areas mean that poor attention is paid to thorough cleaning and disinfection, which otherwise would require closing the concerned area. 

Air borne microorganisms spread rapidly owing to the vastness of the medium. Pathogens like Bacillus anthrax, Varicella zoster, Orthomyxo virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is spread rapidly through air with the currents and settle on the most unwanted crevices, reproducing and colonizing.


Infection control in Operation Theatres (OT), Intensive Care Units (ICU), and other critical care areas is achieved with this effective multipurpose hydrogen peroxide and silver reaction product functioning as an effective biocide. Silver hydrogen peroxide at a recommended concentration is fumigated using a Fogger to disinfect a particular area to minimize the risk of outside contaminations. Upon settling down, these aerosol droplets reveal their effect. The other ecofriendly properties assist in reducing the other demerits of the conventional methods.

The surface sanitation is dependent upon the intended usage, divided into critical items like surgical ones that come in contact with sterile tissues, semi critical like the ones contacting mucous membranes, and non critical ones that contact intact skin. With their desired use, the hierarchy changes from high to low, respectively. Methods of application are many, from spraying on surfaces, to running the solution in pipes for CIP systems.

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