Hidden Sources of Chloride and it's control in Oil Refineries.

Recently an increasing number of refineries have experienced extreme corrosion and fouling in crude distillation unit overheads, Naptha hydrotreating units etc. 

Areas Where severe chloride corrosion and fouling appears:



  • Crude Distillation Units (C.D.U) includes both vacuum and atmospheric distillation, mainly in tower and overheads.
  • Naptha Hydrotreaters/Exchangers
  • Hydrotreater Stripper Overheads
  • Catalytic Reformers
  • Hydro Desulphurization Units
  • Hydrocrackers

Problems in use of Soda Ash (commercial) as neutralizing agent in refinery equipment's  cleaning & maintenance.


Soda Ash of commercial grade which is widely available in market both indigenous or imported is either manufactured from Mineral Trona or by Solvey process from Sodium Chloride, Ammonia, Lime Stone & Carbon Dioxide as raw materials in various steps. This Soda Ash is produced along with  Sodium Chloride & Ammonium Chloride solutions. As such the Soda Ash of higher Chloride content becomes impure making it unfit for oil refinery use.

This problematic impure Soda Ash containing higher Chlorides of Sodium, Calcium, magnesium & Ammonia used during equipment's cleaning & maintenance is the main cause of unknown spikes in chloride level causing severe corrosion and extreme fouling due to breakdown from down stream heating and processing to form hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen Sulphide  & Ammonia by Hydrolisis and/or Pyrolisis reducing service life of expensive refinery equipment's, production loss and inferior quality products. 


 Corrosion & fouling from Chloride, its prevention using ‘CORROGARD’ during cleaning & maintenance


‘CORROGARD’ is the Brand name for Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous( Soda Ash) with low chlorides Manufactured by M/S Rishi Chemical Works Pvt. Ltd. at their Haridwar factory after long research using non-chloride raw materials.

It is most suitable for use in oil refineries as its chloride content is within refineries specification and limits.


Check our Product 'CORROGARD' To know how to prevent such fouling and corrosion. 


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